You are an Account Executive at Sun State International. You received notification from your marketing team that Sam attended an industry event and noted on the registration that Sam was planning on purchasing a new

AMA Regional Conference – Fall 2022

Discovery Meeting and Sales Meeting

Sun State International Account Executive


What is now Sun State International Trucks, LLC. ( began in the 1920s as Orange State Motor Co. The original building was on Twigg St. in downtown Tampa. When they outgrew that location in 1970, it moved to the current location on Highway 60/ Adamo Drive and became Sun State International Trucks, LLC.

By the 1980s Orange State had become Boswell International, and in the year 2000 Oscar Horton purchased Sun State International Trucks, LLC. which included two (2) locations, the Adamo Drive store, and the Sarasota store with revenue totaling $28 million. In 2003 the company opened its second Tampa location, the Aftermarket Shop. In 2005 Sun State purchased Moore International and opened the Central Florida store in Davenport, FL. In 2011 the company expanded again and became the Hyundai Translead trailer dealer for the state of Florida. In 2015 the company expanded its product offerings again and purchased the rights to be the IC Bus dealer for the state of Florida, and opened Sun State Bus Centers, as well as adding Fontaine Trailers to our product line.

In 2018 Sun State opened its first parts only store in Clearwater, FL, Sun State Truck & Trailer Parts. With the success of the first parts store and the need to better meet the ever-expanding customer base, a second Sun State Truck and Trailer Parts store was opened in Brooksville, FL in the fall of 2019.

With 2022 revenues projected to exceed $200 million and the authorized dealer for International’s flagship line of products, Hyundai Translead, Globe trailers, and IC Bus, Sun State is a critical part of commerce in Florida and the southeast United States.

• American Truck Dealer (ATD) of the Year for 2020 to 2022 and recipient of Tampa Bay Business Hall of Fame

• Aftermarket Center offering truck, trailer and bus modifications and a wide range of services, from cleanings to body swaps and frame modifications

• Diamond Logic and over-the-air programming to automate performance; OnCommand Connection, the industry’s only all makes/all models telematics solution to monitor fleet health; and after-hours, mobile service/preventative maintenance teams

• Member of the International Dealer Network, the industry’s largest with more than 1,000 service locations in North America

1 | P a g e

Sponsored by Sun State International


With over 100 years of experience manufacturing International Navistar is a well-known and respected name in transportation. The company began in 1902 when McCormick Harvesting Company and the Deering Harvester Company merged to form the International Harvester Company. After surviving the brutal economic conditions of the 1970s the company reformulated in 1986 on trucks rebranding as the Navistar International Company. Following are some of the major considerations associated with purchasing a commercial truck.


Today, Navistar International leads all competitors across all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces with 724 dealers, 7,500+ technicians, and 7,600+ service bays. 393 locations are open on Saturday and 36 are open on Sunday. The availability of service combined with the company’s remote monitoring health checks provided by OnCommandTM 3 Connection helps to ensure trucks stay on the road generating revenue.

Industry Leading Connectivity3

OnCommand Connection (OCC) is the only open platform solution available today in the industry. The platform supports over 30 telematics providers and is compatible with virtually any operational truck today (diesel engine, 2007 model year and newer). Customers using OCC saw up to 80% fewer vehicle failures that required a tow and saved up to 30% on annual repairs. The advanced remote diagnostics include:

• Vehicle fault code reporting and severity ratings

• Comprehensive vehicle heath reports

• Interactive fault code action plans that identify the most likely needed parts and service

• Dealer on-hand inventory of needed parts

Fuel Efficient and Lightweight1

One of the largest expenses for an owner operator is fuel so fuel efficiency is a top concern. Navistar International utilizes wind tunnel testing and real-world testing to optimize aerodynamics and lightweight comes standard with Navistar International trucks standard engine, transmission, and emission cannister being the lightest in the industry.

Driver First, Safety1

With the scale of equipment and weight in tow safety is a primary concern for all truck operators. Industry estimates for a commercial truck accident range from $148 thousand (one injury) to $7M (one fatality)2. Navistar International has collision mitigation standard, blind spot detection and a better view of the road due to the sloping hood and large side windows. Door mirrors are large and mounted far forward to improve visibility alongside the vehicle. Another important component of safety is driver fatigue and comfort. Navistar International provides a smooth, quiet ride with smooth shifting. The cabin is spacious with controls within reach and ergonomic driving information.


Sam Smith is an owner operator trucker. As an owner operator Sam owns the truck and contracts with other companies to haul freight. Sam understands how important it is to be comfortable, safe, and operational. If the truck is sitting Sam is not earning money and bills pile up.


Sam has been driving a big rig for 10 years and been an owner operator for the past three. Sam understands the business having graduated degree in business. Sam tried a desk job but just wasn’t happy working for someone and sitting at a desk. Sam saw one of the ads on the back of a truck one day on the way to work about driving for a company, picked up the cell phone and never looked back. The time away was hard on the relationship so Sam was excited when Sam’s spouse decided to join Sam on the road. Sam’s spouse is new to driving a big rig but excited to join Sam on the road.

When Sam was thinking about a career in transportation, Sam came across the following information. Sam was struck by how critical transportation was to the economy and the long-term stability that meant for his career.

“If Trucks Stop So Does the Economy”








No fuel for consumers


will halt

Sources of clean water will
begin to dry up

Nation will exhaust its
clean water supply

Fuel shortages

Schools close

No fuel for police, firefighters, ambulances, or rescue

Pharmacies will deplete their medication supply

garbage will lead to vermin and diseases

US Mail, Amazon, UPS, FedEx deliveries end

Food shortages escalate


will skyrocket



Hospitals begin to run out of food and medical supplies

ATMs run out of cash





You are an Account Executive at Sun State International.

You received notification from your marketing team that Sam attended an industry event and noted on the registration that Sam was planning on purchasing a new truck in the next three (3) to six (6) months. The event registration noted Sam’s current truck is a Peterbilt.

Owner operators are often drawn into the field due to the opportunity to choose their own loads, schedule their time, not share profits with a company, and be their own boss. While these are alluring reasons to enter the job it is not for everyone. Being an owner operator also means handling our scheduling, managing expenses, finding, financing, paying insurance, and developing a competitive niche for yourself.

Top Pain Points for owner operators are

• Uptime

• Profitability

• Safety and Comfort


• Sam needs to get on the road and doesn’t have time to talk right now.

• Sam can find all the information needed on the internet

• Sam’s friends all drive Peterbilt, Kenworth, or Volvo trucks

• Purchasing a International Navistar truck would mean learning a new truck platform.

• The trucks are all the same, so it doesn’t matter where Sam purchases the truck.


• Sun State International Account Executive

• Sam Smith, Terametra Transportation


ROUND 1 (Discovery Meeting): Web meeting with Sam Smith Saturday (11/12/2022) from 9:30a – 11:30a

You contacted Sam Smith via phone and were able to set up a 10-minute conversation with Sam. This is that meeting.

The goal of this meeting is:

• To develop an understanding of Sam Smith’s and Terametra Transportation’s present situation along with Sam’s interest level in purchasing a new truck from Sun State.

• To determine the timing on Sam Smith’s plans to make a new truck purchase and the associated timelines.

• To understand Sam Smith’s ideal state and how Sun State can help achieve that state.

• To explain what current Sun State clients are experiencing and validate those similar results would meet the Sam Smith’s needs.

• Close on having Sam Smith agree to a meeting where you will present a solution to address Sam Smith’s needs.

ROUND 2 (Sales Meeting): In-person Meeting with Sam Smith Saturday (11/12/22) from 1:00p – 3:00p

Common information on what was expected to be learned during Round 1 will be shared following Round 1.

Round 2 is an in-person meeting with Sam Smith.

Round 2 is 15 minutes.

The goal of this meeting is to:

•    Explore the problems that are prompting Sam to consider purchasing a new truck •            Close on selling Sam a new truck from Sun State International.

o Truck purchase Option 1 – Purchase for $120,000

o Truck purchase Option 2 – Finance for $2,650 / month for four years


Superior Maneuverability

With standard wide-track front axles, a 50-degree wheel cut, and standard roll stability, LoneStar® offers a tighter turning radius and enhanced maneuverability wherever the road may take you. Quietest Cab In Its Class

Premium cab insulation creates excellent sound and temperature control for the striking, sleek, and stylish interior.

Built For Drivers

Rosewood trim, modern gauge clusters and infotainment at your fingertips the LoneStar® offers a sense of luxury along with comfort and safety features such as easy-grip handles, nonslip steps, and wide door openings.

More Than Style

More than just eye-candy, LoneStar® lets you cut through the wind, reduce drag, and gain efficiency, all thanks to a patented roof design, sloped hood, and large V-shaped bumper.

Custom Expression

Your LoneStar® is your home away from home, and should express who you are when you are on the road. Paint. Chrome. Lighting. Stacks. Headlights. You name it, you choose it. Its classic design is just a starting point for customization that’s all about you.

Diamond Logic®

With nearly 200 available body integration and driver efficiency features, the innovative and customizable Diamond Logic® electrical system maximizes productivity, safety, and performance.

Customer Service

With some of the industry’s best trained technicians at nearly 800 dealer locations and an extensive parts inventory, we’ve earned a reputation for unrivaled customer service. With the most customer friendly suite of service solutions in the industry, you can count on us to get your trucks back on the road right when you need them.


You are an Account Executive at Sun State International. You received notification from your marketing team that Sam attended an industry event and noted on the registration that Sam was planning on purchasing a new
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