What is Wattenberg’s premise or argument?

Critique the book Is Voting for Young People? In your paper, be sure you address the following: 1. What is Wattenberg’s premise or argument? How does he support this? You do not need to provide a chapter by chapter recap of everything he writes about, but your paper should clearly reflect that you have read the book and can relay the main points. 2. How do you feel about Wattenberg’s argument? Do you accept his argument? Why or why not? Are there counterarguments to Wattenberg’s claims? 3. What does Wattenberg ultimately conclude is necessary? Do you agree with his conclusion, or do you see other steps that could be taken to help politically engage young people? Write a minimum 1000 word response [use word count], typed, double spaced. Use at least four examples or paraphrases from the text to substantiate your point of view. Your paper should not utilize any sources other than the text, and your paper should demonstrate an understanding of, and critique of the ideas presented in the book. Please submit your paper through the Blackboard Submissions portal as either a Word doc or a PDF.

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What is Wattenberg’s premise or argument?
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