Week 3 Assignment HRm 500

ScenarioThe management at your organization has approved funding for a brand-new full-time position. This position is eligible for full benefits. As an HR professional, you have been tasked with creating a detailed job description for this new position. You can use your current job, a former job, or a position you would like to move into.InstructionsBased on what you know and have learned about job analysis, employment laws, and safe working environments, create a job description for this new position, and write a 4 page paper that includes the following:Develop a company overview that summarizes the company’s vision, mission, and organizational strategy.Describe a minimum of three qualifications for the position including required knowledge, skills, and abilities.Include specific academic and technical skills and any required professional affiliations, licenses, or previous experience.Describe a minimum of three ways the duties and responsibilities associated with this role reflect the organization’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.Explain the purpose the job or position serves within the company.Explain how you determined the duties and qualifications for the job.Identify which employment laws were considered when creating the job description.

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Week 3 Assignment HRm 500
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