•***This professor Grades extremely hard and this grade on this assignment is ex

•***This professor Grades extremely hard and this grade on this assignment is extremely important please make sure that you have read everything, understand the assignment, what to do and how and that you do this assignment correctly and perfectly!!!
• The instructions sheet for this assignment is attached in the files section it will be a picture with 3 columns make sure that you read all three columns and use all three columns to be able to understand and do this assignment correctly.
• ***The first column you are to read since it is the competency itself and you need understand the competency to do this correctly
• The second column is the best practices and you need to understand that and read that do be able to discuss what needs to be done for the paper
• Call him three explains what to do for the assignment and what you are to answer, even though you’re to read everything and utilize everything, the 3rd Column tells exactly what to do.
• There will also be pictures explaining my agency, because this is based off my agency, my field placement and the place I’m internshipping at right now. Please read those pictures as it will help you with this assignment.
• there will be links for you to use please utilize them as well as other information in this instructions sections and files section please read, and sue everything in this sections to complete this assignment.
• *** “column 3: submit an annotated bibliography of five peer-reviewed research articles including: brief description of the research methods; findings; how it applies to the internship population/Problem”***
• ***Population of my internship/agency: victims of of violence, domestic violence, childhood violence, elderly violence, dating violence, family violence, interpersonal violence, sexual assault/sexual violence, trauma victims, stalking victims, bullying victims, etc… (more info the files section on that)
Professor notes (for further elaboration):
• this particular assignment is going to require apa format. The first section the competency number 4 is to engage in this practice.
• it is important that you look at all 3 columns not just the description of the assignment but all 3 columns to do this especially the competency it’s self in the 1st column.
• this competency is established so that all social workers in the BSW program are able to say they understand social work practice and utilize best practices when we’re out in the field.
• at this particular point you’re going to demonstrate that in your social work education that you understand basic social work research methods and how that connects to your practice which is the whole point of this particular paper.
• ***”so you jobs is just submit an annotated bibliography of five peer reviewed journal research articles and your bibliography will include a brief description of the research methods, findings, and how it applies to the internship population or a particular problem that you have at your internship you’re working at.”***
• ***”i mentioned this but I just want to clarify these five articles will be about any particular topic that relates to your internship and the population they serve, so it might be a challenge that your placement deals with, like sexual abuse or domestic violence, poverty, neglect, etc… it could be very specific or it could be broader or if can even be super broad like interpersonal violence issues, etc… but whatver you choose, you want to choose something that relates to your particular internship.”***
• when you’re looking at an annotated bibliography, the best way to present an annotated bibliography is to begin your paper indicating the citation, that’s the ability to provide the demographics of The article that you were actually reviewing, so you start with that citation and then you follow with a brief description, this could be one paragraph that’s about 4 to 6 sentences long, identifying again the methods and the findings, then you follow that up with a section about how it applies to you internship population or problem and again this would need to be 4-6 sentences long, this is more you opinion, your interpretation.
• so the first paragraph is going to be a summary of the article, research methods and findings, The second paragraph is going to be your own interpretation about how it relates to your particular population in your internship.
• the second paragraph is when you’re demonstrating your good critical thinking skills.
• I want you to make good value of these particular components and be able to even help your internship or your supervisor understand some new and best practices that are trending.
• I want details of how it relates to your internships population.
• please please please make sure you read the competency in column one to make sure that you’ve covered everything that’s in there.
Link to use when writing the essay:

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•***This professor Grades extremely hard and this grade on this assignment is ex
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