This is the fifth and final course project deliverable in the series of five seq

This is the fifth and final course project
deliverable in the series of five sequential assignments in this course. You are
continuing on in your role as the CTO of a hypothetical e-commerce start-up
company of your design.
Throughout the course, you have been working
on delivering an information technology project plan in anticipation of the
company relocating to a new facility.
In the fourth course project deliverable you
developed the system implementation document. This document spelled out
the EFI technical aspects of your e-commerce company’s information systems
infrastructure. Again you updated the supporting Gantt chart to reflect
the major and minor tasks identified in the system implementation
You are now in the final stage of the project
plan development. You will leverage all previous deliverables and integrate
them into one document that will serve as the project’s statement of work.
Your goal is for the start-up company’s
executive team and the venture capital group to approve and fund your project.
The detailed project plan is necessary to accomplish the monumental implementation
task. The executive team and investors, however, are only interested in an
executive summary in the form of a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation. As a
result, you are required to create a compelling PowerPoint presentation,
supported by the detail in your project plan, which convinces the executive
group that your solution is optimal.
This assignment consists of three parts:
Part 1: Comprehensive
Project Plan
You will create an 8–10-page final
comprehensive project plan. This document will distill down the most salient
points from each of the four previous course deliverables into one integrated,
cohesive comprehensive project plan that persuades investors of the recommended
Critical Note: Do NOT simply combine the previous four assignments into one 30–50-page
document. Instead, your task is to:
Review each of the four
previous assignments.
Select the most critical
information from each that investors need to know to make an informed
investment decision.
Summarize the information you selected.
Ensure that the selected
information flows from one section to the next in a cohesive and
compelling fashion.
Part 2: Executive
You will create a 10–15-slide compelling
executive presentation that convinces the start-up company’s executive team and
potential investors to invest in the company. Your recommended solution is the
one that can grow this $5 million dollar e-commerce start-up company into a $30
million dollar company within the next two years.
You are to create or assume all
necessary assumptions to successfully complete this assignment.
You must submit all three parts as separate files to the
assignment area. Label each file name according to the appropriate part.
Part 2: Executive
You are to create a 10–15-slide executive
PowerPoint presentation to persuade potential investors to invest in your
e-commerce start-up company. In your presentation you are to:
Illustrate the concepts from
your 8–10-page comprehensive project plan in an executive presentation.
Create bulleted speaking notes
to the executive board in the Notes section of your PowerPoint
Create or assume any fictitious
names, data, or scenarios that have not been established in this
assignment for a realistic flow of communication.
Consider including images,
graphics, charts, tables, etc. in your presentation to increase audience

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deliverable in the series of five seq appeared first on

This is the fifth and final course project deliverable in the series of five seq
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