The role of healthcare manager




The academic paper is not less than four (4 pages) and not more than eight (8 pages), including the title and reference pages. An abstract is not required. See the grading rubric below.
Case Study: Sally Fisher, a 55-year-old woman, visits her primary care physician. Her physician, Dr. Ottenbreit, is part of a preferred provider organization (PPO). Mrs. Fisher is married, employed, and has healthcare insurance through her employer. She holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Her yearly income is $80,000/year, and she and her husband own a house in a suburb of Chicago. Mrs. Fisher is a former smoker and has trouble finding the time to exercise.
Her ongoing health concerns include obesity, asthma, hypertension, Type II diabetes, and depression. Her supervisor has noted that Mrs. Fisher has had increasing days absent from her job related to her health challenges. Mrs. Fisher worries that she may lose her job and health insurance if she continues to miss workdays.
Dr. Ottenbreit is aware of her complex medical issues and that her patient’s health status and quality of life are not as high as they could be. Dr. Ottenbreit tells Mrs. Fisher about a new program that the PPO offers for patients ages 50-70 who experience multiple chronic illnesses. “Reaching for Better Health” provides:
• Ongoing group-setting education classes.
• Health technology applications for Smartphones.
• Lifestyle classes for participants.
Mrs. Fisher likes this idea, enrolls in “Reaching for Better Health” for 6 weeks, and agrees to see Dr. Ottenbreit again after the six weeks have passed.
1. What do we know about Mrs. Fisher’s demand for healthcare as it relates to her private health insurance? Is there an evidence-based relationship between her private insurance plan and her level of health? Explain this relationship using Mrs. Fisher as an example.
2. Describe Mrs. Fisher’s health using the five determinants of health discussed in Henderson, chapter 5.
3. Identify Mrs. Fisher’s generation based on her age. What unique demands is this generation placing on the healthcare system?
4. How would economists who use QALY analysis evaluate the effectiveness of the PPO’s program, “Reaching for Better Health” (described above)?
5. Based on negotiation strategies learned in week one, describe appropriate negotiation strategies for Mrs. Fisher’s employer and the healthcare system.
6. In the role of healthcare manager, what health policies and programs would you suggest to your organization to promote healthy employee lifestyles?

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The role of healthcare manager
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