The Attachment theory

Task: Describe and evaluate the significant contribution of 4 empirical research studies (peer-revied journal articles) that have examined factors contributing to socio-emotional development in childhood. Each journal article should examine a different factor. Examples include (but not limited to); individual difference, social experiences, cultural-specific experiences and developmental delay.
Social-emotional development refers to a child’s ability to form meaningful relationships with others. It also refers to how they manage and understand their own emotions and the emotions and perspectives of others. 2 examples of these are Attachment and Theory of mind, however you can pick another.
Part 1: Your PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio narration should be saved and submitted as a .pptx file (– audio narration time limit of 20 minutes (with a maximum 10% allowance over – 22 mins max!)
Part 2: Your transcript (word-for-word transcript of your audio narration) • should be submitted as either a Word or PDF file. (- 2000-2500 word guide for this narration)



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The Attachment theory
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