The Amish as both a Religious and Ethnic Minority

Write a 1-page assignment summarizing and giving your reactions to the following article

The group has prepared materials relating to the history, beliefs, observances and customs of the Amish, a religious minority based largely in the United States

The Amish represent a minority group that is both a religious and ethnic in nature much like Ultra Orthodox Jews or perhaps Mormons (Latter Day Saints) or observant Muslim Americans.


  • Examine the physical changes associated with the selected developmental stage.
  • Social Change
  • Write a paper in APA Style that discusses each of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials and describe how you met each essential.
  • Holiday Festival
  • Leadership and Authority
  • Thoughts of Social Stratification
  • Evaluate the unique scholarly perspectives found in your research and interpret the implications of technology on human development.
  • Based on the professional standards, is the creation of such policies ethical?
  • The Amish as both a Religious and Ethnic Minority
  • Read the article Funeral Rites Across Different Cultures and write a 1 page paper that summaries and reacts to the information. Did you know that colors, foods, rituals vary so much between cultures and religions?
The Amish as both a Religious and Ethnic Minority
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