Tasks: In this week’s assignment, you will start your assignment by describing

In this week’s assignment, you will start
your assignment by describing your customer and the network requirements
of your customer. You
may refine the customer’s network requirements
through the rest of the weekly deliverables.
In addition, you also need to complete the following tasks:
Create a scenario for a fictional midsized company.
Work on your proposed technical solution by describing the network
topology required to address all the requirements of the scenario.
Prepare a table in which you identify the vendor equipment, cost,
and other charges, keeping in mind that your design should provide a cost-effective solution. Compare various vendors’ costs and other
Finally, create a network topology diagram.
For this network design
assignment, you are free to come up with a fictional midsized company
engaged in a dot-com business for which you will select the business
focus. The company can be a service-oriented or information-provider
enterprise. You should note that the company is a start-up and sells no
physical products but the company is positioned to manage any type of
e-commerce operation online and through its office-based and mobile
Assume that you are a
telecommunications professional hired by this company to design its
telecommunications network, serving all
management and operations
activities. The company has its offices in five different cities across
the United States, with its main office in a
major city. The company has
around 250 employees, which include executives, managers, support
staff, salespeople, and technical staff. As
the company is new, the size
of the client base is small but the company is expected to grow
steadily in the foreseeable future. All clients are
corporate clients.
Each office has a general
manager, office and department managers, and support staff. All
executives as well as the technical staff are located in the main office
and all the salespeople are mobile. The telecommunications system must
support interoffice communications across all
locations and with the
mobile salespeople. The executives must be able to communicate securely
with the general managers, and the general managers must be able to
communicate with the office and department managers on a regular basis
to get both voice and data information
about clients.
In addition, the
salespeople must be able to communicate with clients and the main office
via voice, e-mail, and two-way videoconferencing.
The clients must be
able to communicate directly with the general managers and executives in
the same way. All communications must be kept secure and then archived
as part of the organizational knowledge base of the company that will be
used to support decisions across the
current enterprise and as the
company grows and expands to more locations.
You need to prepare a
comprehensive network design proposal for the company. The network
design proposal should address all the
perceived telecommunications
requirements. In addition, the network design should also address any
additional telecommunications
requirements that you may identify in the
process of describing your chosen company and explaining its business
and operations. You are
required to prepare a formal proposal and a
customer-briefing presentation.

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In this week’s assignment, you will start
your assignment by describing appeared first on blitzarchive.com.

Tasks: In this week’s assignment, you will start your assignment by describing
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