Suspicions of abuse and neglect




When should suspicions of abuse and neglect be reported and how should they be reported?
What should parents do if they suspect that a professional; for example, a clergy member, coach, or a mentor is abusing a child?
Does the social information processing theory (SIP) seem like a valuable explanation to you? What kinds of questions might you use to see if the caretaker’s thinking fits the described stages?
As a new Child Protective Services worker (CPS), how accurate do you think your concerns will be during your early investigations? What concerns do you think an experienced worker might develop over time that you might not initially have? (Consider discussing this as it relates to a particular type of abuse investigation).
Choose an article to read about one of the assessment instruments used to measure abuse (there are multiple risk assessment instruments mentioned in Child Welfare and Child Protection: An Introduction, chapter 7). Discuss the instrument. Can you see using it as a CPS worker? Why or why not?


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Suspicions of abuse and neglect
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