Smoking in high schools


Write an essay about problem and solutions Topic: smoking in high schools
Introduction: Introduce the problem. • State the thesis (often the thesis will contain the words “should” or “should not”) • Length: ½ page.
Background: • The background section provides sufficient details about the subject so that readers understand the problem fully. • This section should also emphasize the seriousness of the problem. • In order for the Proposal to really be taken seriously, the reader needs to be convinced that it is a serious issue that demands serious attention. • Depending on the depth of the problem, or the number of issues to be discussed within the problem, this section may be lengthy. This will show readers that others have thought seriously about this issue as well. • Length: 1,page
Solutions Section: • This is the section of the paper where multiple solutions to the problem are suggested. • Each solution should be introduced, identified, and discussed within its own section or paragraph. • Three to five solutions should be proposed. • Each solution should be supported using information,. • Solutions should be arranged using climactic order (the solution you are supporting should be presented and discussed last. • Length: 3 pages –
Justification of Solution: • In this section, you should discuss why your ONE chosen solution is best. • What reasons are there to support this solution? • What have experts argued about the idea? • Why is this the best solution at this particular time? • Length: 1 page
Conclusion: • In this section the reader should be asked to “do” something as the result of the proposal. • What might they do to support the solution? • Is there a place where they might gather more information? • Who might they contact to become involved? • Length: ½ – 1 page





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Smoking in high schools
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