Shoulder Complex Muscle Analysis


1. Lie prone on a table with your right arm hanging over the side of the table holding a weight in your right hand. Using only shoulder girdle motion and no shoulder joint motion, pull the weight straight up from the floor.
a. What join action is occurring at the shoulder girdle?
b. What muscles are prime movers of this action?
c. Is this an open-chained or closed-chained activity?
2. Lie in the same position, holding a weight, move your arm up and out by doing shoulder horizontal abduction.
a. What shoulder girdle motion is accompanying shoulder horizontal abduction?
b. What muscles are the prime movers in this shoulder girdle motion?
c. Is this a concentric, eccentric, or isometric contraction?
3. Using a lat pull down machine reach up and grasp the handles. Pull-down while keeping your arms moving in the frontal plane.
a. What shoulder girdle motions are accompanying shoulder adduction and lateral rotation?
b. What muscles are the prime movers in these shoulder girdle motions?
c. Is this a concentric or eccentric activity?


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Shoulder Complex Muscle Analysis
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