short python programs

let you implement these solutions in the form of short python programs;

• practice the use of arithmetic computations, string manipulation, tests, repetitions, lists, tuples, dictionaries,

reading from files.

1.2. Submission. Your programs will be stored in a number of files, with one file per exercise, of the appropriate

name. After you have developed and tested your programs, upload your files using Ed. Assignments can be

submitted more than once: the last version is marked. Your assignment is due by April 9, 11:59pm.

1.3. Assessment. Each of the 4 exercises is worth 2.5 marks. For all exercises, the automarking script will let

each of your programs run for 30 seconds.

Late assignments will be penalised: the mark for a late submission will be the minimum of the awarded mark

and 10 minus the number of full and partial days that have elapsed from the due date.

The outputs of your programs should be exactly as indicated.

1.4. Reminder on plagiarism policy. You are permitted, indeed encouraged, to discuss ways to solve the

assignment with other people. Such discussions must be in terms of algorithms, not code. But you must

implement the solution on your own. Submissions are routinely scanned for similarities that occur when

students copy and modify other people’s work, or work very closely together on a single implementation. Severe

short python programs
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