Organizational structure of ECI


Case Study
Read the scenario of “Exotic Cars Inc.” Based on the information provided you need to create:
• A process model using DFD technique as your modeling tool (do not go deeper than Level 2)
• A data model using ERD technique as your modeling tool (do not forget to resolve M:N relationships, indicate cardinalities, and include relevant attributes)
• Case Study Scenario

Exotic Cars Inc. (ECI) is a company specializing in sales and maintenance of the exotic
cars. The cars that ECI sells come from multiple sources
• Shipped directly from factories
• Purchased from private collectors
• Traded-in by customers of ECI

ECI also provides a regular maintenance service of the exotic cars, such as engine
tune-up, tire rotation, oil change, etc. You do not have to buy a car from ECI to use its
maintenance service; consequently, some owners of the exotic cars purchased
elsewhere also use ECI maintenance service.

ECI appreciates the continued business of its patrons. Consequently, the company
wants to maintain as much information about each valued customer as possible.
As a result, ECI diligently records how much money each customer spends on buying
cars (more than half have purchased two cars and about third bought three or more), on
maintenance service (how much customer spends overall, and per car), and whether or
not a customer ever traded a car in.

Similarly, ECI maintains detailed data on all the dealers, companies, manufacturers,
and other sources that provide the company with needed services, parts, or cars.
ECI is not a “backward” organization, but things have been done there pretty much the
same way since ECI was founded in 1966. The owners of ECI feel like it is about time
not just to move forward, but “leapfrog” the competition.

You, along with the members of your team, have been hired by ECI to find a way of
dramatically increasing the level of performance of ECI.

• Organizational structure of ECI

There are three operational locations of ECI
• Washington, DC,
• Richmond, VA,
• Virginia Beach, VA.

The corporate headquarters are located in Charlottesville, VA. Every location has a
general manager who is responsible for authorizing/rejecting requests area managers
may have. Normally, area managers only handle the issue relevant to their area. For
example, sales/trade-in area has its own manager, body shop/repair shop has its own,
and service area has its own area manager. Every area manager is authorized to make
financial decisions up to $10,000.00. If the amount exceeds the limit of an area
manager, then the general manager of that location must authorize it–the general
manager has discretion of making financial decisions of up to $100,000.00.

If the amount exceeds this number, a request is send to the headquarters, where it is
approved or rejected by the VP of the area (e.g., service, sales, and repair). The VP of
the area is authorized to make financial decisions of up to $250,000.00. If the request
exceeds this amount, it must be addressed by the CEO of ECI.

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Organizational structure of ECI
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