NO PLAGIARISM This assignment should include the following: 1. Title page i

This assignment should include the following:
1. Title page in APA format (note that 7th edition no longer requires a running head for
student papers).
2. Reflection about book
3. Reference list in APA format
 This paper should be no less than 2 pages and no more than 3 pages long.
 Summarize the important parts of the book.
 Then write your reaction to the Dibs in Search of Self book.
 You may talk about how the book made you feel, but you must also
demonstrate how you thought about the content while you were reading it.
In other words, the purpose of this paper is to reflect more on your thoughts, rather
than on your feelings. For example, saying you are sad would not be enough.
 This paper should not discuss your own personal experiences. The reflection should be
based on Dibs and nothing else.
 You must refer to at least 3 places in the Dibs book in the paper as examples of what
you are discussing.
 Be sure to cite the page locations of where you find examples – example (Axline, 1964,
p. 4).
 Include at least 2 things you learned from the Dibs book. It must be related
to 2 concepts you learned from the Berger text as it relates to the Dibs
book. Cite the page number from the Berger text where the content can be
found, even if it is not a direct quote.
 Note that you must define and explain the concept and relate it specifically to Dibs. The
connection of the content from the textbook with Dibs must be clear and concise. For
example, if you are going to talk about the role models, you must clearly and concisely
define specific attributes of role models and what role models do. You then need to
provide examples from the Dibs book that connect to who are role models and why.
Note that this is just an example and you should use your own examples for the paper.
 It is important to stay on topic. Do not share personal stories.
 Many students want to diagnose Dibs. Avoid doing this. You should not provide any
diagnoses in your paper.
Writing Requirements
 For this paper you may use personal pronouns, such as I, because it is your
 It is important that your paper flow well and that you have no grammatical and spelling
 Avoid using informal language (i.e., kids, mom, dad, etc.). While this is a personal
reflection, it is still a formal academic paper.
 You must have a title page in APA 7
th edition format.
 You should have a reference list for anything you have cited in the paper. It
must be in 7
th edition APA format.
 Plagiarism is an extremely serious issue.
 If you have written a paper on this topic before (either in a different class or if you are
repeating PSYU 323), you may not use the same paper without getting permission of
your previous instructor and your current instructor. This is considered self-plagiarism.
Self-plagiarism will be treated in the same way as plagiarism.
 If you plagiarize your paper, you will receive a zero on the assignment and
a report will be filed with the university.

This assignment should include the following:
1. Title page i appeared first on Skilled Papers.

NO PLAGIARISM This assignment should include the following: 1. Title page i
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