Njal’s Saga book

Njal’s Saga book
Do not use outside sources beyond the assigned texts.

Regarding Citation: If you cite our edition of Njal’s Saga (ed. Robert Cook, London: Penguin 2002), put the page or chapter number in parentheses. E.g., (99) or (ch. 33). [If you cite a different version, please cite the chapter number and indicate that with “ch.”] If you cite Cook’s introduction to Njal’s Saga, do so like this: (Cook, xxix). If you cite Gunnar Karlson, note his name and the page number (Gunnar K., 66).

Target Length: 500 Accepted

1. The Icelandic Sagas are generally thought to possess a large element of literary invention, but they simultaneously reflect the cultural attitudes of the medieval Icelanders. Giving Njal’s Saga a social-historical reading, what are some insights you can draw regarding Icelandic society from the text?

Please select an issue to focus on among:
1. honor/justice/legal redress
2. gender identity and gender relations
3. the depiction of religion (Pagan and Christian) and fate in the saga.
4. If you have a different theme that you would like to address in your social historical reading of the saga, please send us an email for consultation.)
Bring in examples from the saga and Karlsson to illustrate your answer as appropriate.

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<<br>Do not use outside sources beyond the assigned texts.
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Njal’s Saga book
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