National Curriculum




identify the purpose, structure and contextualise one extract taken from the National Curriculum (DfE, 2014).
it will reflect on the following aspects in relation to their chosen extract:
• structure
• purpose
• progressive learning content
• its intended purpose for learning and purpose for society
The annotated extract will provide evidence that the essay has critically engaged with the National Curriculum and with the literature surrounding the focus.

Part 2: 1000-word essay.
Critically review the National Curriculum in relation to the overriding purpose of the current education system.
The essay will:
• Identify how the curriculum supports progressive levels of understanding and knowledge for learners
• Compare the purpose of the National Curriculum (DfE, 2014) with other curricula studied within the module, such as a moral, pastoral, creative curriculum, or a curriculum from an alternate global context.
• Reflect on, and critique how the societal expectations have influenced the purpose and structure of the chosen curriculum.
• Identify how this curriculum can impact on the learner’s purpose for society.

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National Curriculum
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