Monte Alban, Oaxaca Mexico


Research Paper II (Islamic/Pre-Columbian architecture):
Your topic must address at least one structure from chapter 7 (Islamic Architecture) or 10 (Indigenous
Architecture in the Pre-Columbian Americas and Africa). You may use images from other chapters or
contemporary artists to compare/contrast. Your paper should be written in a formal manner using the MLA or
APA citation guidelines and include in-depth research and thoughtful analysis.
Focus on how the architecture connects to the culture or the user of the building. Formal elements to think about:
symbolism, technical innovation, and cultural context.
As you examine your object you can think about:
Any interesting historical events associated with the structure.
The intended function/purpose/meaning of the architecture.
Structural innovations.
How the structure was influenced by architecture that came before it.
How the structure reflects the beliefs/uses of the culture.
How the iconography or decoration (if there is any) helps the viewer understand the function/purpose of
the structure

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Monte Alban, Oaxaca Mexico
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