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In at least 6 bullet points (each bullet should be 3 sentences long), explain the six most important and interesting thing you learned from the chapters in the class this week. For each item also provide a description in your own words as if you were explaining it to a friend who is not in the class.

Your six bullet points should come from multiple chapters covered in Weeks 2 and 3 (Chapters 3-8).

What does this mean to you?
In at least one short paragraph (at least 4-6 sentences), explain how what you learned this week (focus on one item or more) impacts your future career, life, education, and/or understanding of the world.

Do not copy and paste from the textbook or other websites, the summary bullet points should be written by you as if you were explaining them to someone else. 

File Upload Submission: Submit a Word or PDF file. If you use Pages or Google Docs make sure to export to a Word or PDF file before you submit.


– marketing analytics

– Conscious marketing

-ethic marketing

– Corporate social responsibility

– Steakeholders of conscious marketing

-planning phase

– Control phase

-implementation phase

-Corporate partners

– energy trends

– Macroenvironmental factors

-B2b markets ( Resellers, Institutions, government)

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Marketing – Write My Paper Today
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