Logic Model Development Macro-view




The rationale for the strategic plan should be logical. As such, it should be able to be mapped as a next step following the comprehensive community health needs assessment. This mapping process can occur using a tool called a logic model, which is a one-page diagram that presents the conceptual framework for a proposed project or plan, as described in the Unit 3 ASSIGNMENT. It explains among all elements, logically connecting the dots, which is a useful tool in the design and implementation of public health strategies. While there are many versions of logic models, for the purposes of this assignment, your logic model should concisely summarize in brief phrases the connections among the inputs, goals, objectives, activities, and outcomes (both short- and long-term). Creating a logic model can be an iterative process that is revised over time.
In this assignment, you will adopt a macro-view of the overall strategic plan, its design, implementation, and evaluation. Refer back to your Assessment of the Current State assignment in Unit 2 to recall the overall purpose, scope, and approaches that will be utilized to implement the strategic plan for your community. Use the Logic Model Template in the Resources for this assignment.
The numbered assignment instructions outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the assignment scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. You may also want to review the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.
The macro-view of the overall strategic planning process should be organized into the following sections, using the Logic Model Template provided. Use the second page of the template to write a brief, 2 paragraph summary of your logic model.
1. Recommend ways to cultivate fiscal or other resources required to achieve a strategic plan in the community. (For further background, use the Unit 4 readings on traditional and innovative ways to develop resources.)
o Identify fiscal or other resources required to achieve a strategic goal.
o What are the inputs? What resources will go into the plan to make it successful?
o What personnel are required to successfully execute and support the strategic goal?
o What are the revenue source(s) and cost(s) associated with executing the strategic goal?
o How will you solicit or encourage people or organizations to support your initiative?
2. Develop distinct goals for the strategic plan in the community.
o What are the aims of the plan?
3. Develop supporting objectives aligned to the distinct goals of the strategic plan.
o What are the supporting objectives (aligned to the goals) of the plan?
4. Recommend appropriate interventions or approaches to meet the distinct goals of the strategic plan.
o What actions (interventions, approaches, methods, programs, and projects) will take place?
5. Identity the short-term and long-term outcomes of the strategic plan.
o Short term (fewer than 3 years).
o Long term (more than 5 years).
6. Write in accordance with the academic and professional requirements of the discipline, ensuring appropriate structure, grammar, usage, and style, and proper APA formatting of references.

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Logic Model Development Macro-view
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