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Please submit the following questions in a word document as short answers (3-5 sentences each).
1) What did you think about Commonground and Beeline- Communications’ approach to the pitch?
2) Why did the Commonground team ultimately prevail?
3) What do you think Beeline could have done better?
4) What was the most unexpected aspect of the competition?
5) How do you think Diversity played a role in the challenge
1)What was the challenge/problem given by Subway in their briefing to the two
2) Was there anything unclear or confusing about the assignment?
3)In your opinion, which agency do you think should have won the pitch, and provide 3 key reasons for your choice?
4) In your opinion, which agency do you think had the most unique creativity in their approach and why?
5) How would you have approached the Pitch differently?

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