Item Section Details Points Title and Subject (This section is the cover page o

Item Section Details Points
Title and Subject (This section is the cover page of the marketing plan)
Your name
Course number
Name of your Product or Service
Submittal date
Section 1: Current Marketing Situation Situational Analysis including Threats and Opportunities Analysis and Objectives and Issues
This section describes the situation surrounding your business or organization, including details of your business or organization, the general market place in which you are competing, your competition, and any other aspects that are relevant to the situation and surrounding environment. The best format for this is SWOT.
Section 2: Target Marketing and Marketing Mix
This section describes the need you are trying to meet with your product or service, the demand for your product, your target market and why you chose this specific target market. Be sure to read the guidelines and address the points raised on pages 28 through 29. This section describes the mix that will make you successful, including the details of your product or service, pricing, how you will advertise and attract customers. Creativity and thinking outside the box are what may mean the difference between success and failure. You should search the Internet for similar product or services to get new ideas from your competition.
Section 3: Marketing Strategy
Implementation and Control
Up to this point you have described your business or organization, your market place, your competition, your product or service, your target market, pricing, and how you will advertise and attract customers. Now, you need to provide a detailed timeline of tasks that must be done to get everything ready, get the right staff in place, and attract and serve your first customers. You should also provide a description and examples of projected radio, TV, and print ads.
Section 4: Financial analysis -Action Programs and Budgets
This section describes your projected sales, expenses, and profits. Be thorough and specific. It is important to determine how many sales you will need to make to realize a profit, after paying all salaries and expenses.
Week 5 Submit First Draft of Marketing Plan (Sections 1-4) by 11:55 p.m. EST/EDT on the last day of Week 5. 100
Section 5: Executive Summary This is the last section you create) as part of the final plan. It is a 2-3 paragraph summary page that an executive might read to get the full story of your marketing plan. It is important to cover all aspects of your plan but only state the key facts. Then, if interested, the executive can find more details within your plan.
Appendix: References You must list all the references you used to determine demographics of your marketing area, competition, financial analysis, and all other details used in your marketing plan. If you referenced a book, a Web site, an article, a person, or received information from any other source, you should list them in your reference section. Other than your marketing ideas, you cannot simply make things up. Everything in a marketing plan must have a reputable source.
Week 9 Complete Plan Due – Final plan revised according to instructor feedback. Submit revised sections, plus Table of Contents and References, plus all other items listed above. This is worth 20% of your total grade. 100
Total Points Value 200

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Title and Subject (This section is the cover page o appeared first on Skilled Papers.

Item Section Details Points Title and Subject (This section is the cover page o
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