Improving the lives of children




What do you think did more to help improve the lives of children: the orphan trains or the sensational case of Mary Ellen Wilson?
How can one tell the difference between maltreatment and accidental injury? What are the warning signs in children or the elderly who may be maltreated, abused, and/or neglected?
Visit the website: or and find a bill or law in your state that addresses child maltreatment or elderly abuse. What is one bill or law that you found regarding child abuse or elderly abuse and what is its status? How might this bill or law affect the children or elderly in your state?
Is there an absolute definition of abuse and neglect? If not, should there be, why or why not? Please provide examples of abuse and neglect in your answer.
In your opinion, is one form off abuse or neglect worse than another?





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Improving the lives of children
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