I just placed an Order #LW92128 Therefore, I need a totally different writer for

I just placed an Order #LW92128
Therefore, I need a totally different writer for this order.
If the wording and sources are exactly the same, I will submit a Revision Request
ASSIGNMENT – Ransomware Threat Case Study
For this case study, you will research a “Ransomware Attack” significant cyber event that has occurred within the last ten years.
Part 1
Please use 2 of the 3 pages to write a case study report addressing the following bullets:
•Describe the background, history, organizational and leadership culture, and risk appetite of the organization. Did the Organizational Leadership communicate and demonstrate their cyber risk tolerance, appetite, and influence the culture of the organization?
•Identify the Organization’s security policies, procedures, technical security measures that were in place to prevent a Ransomware threat.
•Identify the motivations of the Threat Agent. Was it just economic gains of holding these systems for ransom?
•Using the publicly known cyber vulnerability reporting systems and the MITRE ATT&CK framework, map out the attack Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) used by the Threat Agent. Reflect on why and how the Threat Agent was effective in attacking the IT systems, networks, gaining access to the “crown jewels” and successfully encrypting the information and holding it for ransom.
•Describe the Organizational response to the Ransomware Attack – what was done to identify, assess, respond, and mitigate the attack? Was the ransom paid? What information was used by the executives to make this decision? Was the data released after payment was made? What were the lessons learned by the Organization to include additional security controls, policy changes, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans? Where there any consequences to the Threat Actor?
Therefore, there should be five sections…. with subsections.
Part 2
Please use 1 of the 3 pages to Create 2 Case Study Annexes
*** The annexes come after the conclusion
For the first annex, USE 137 WORDS TO Build a Cyber Risk Register table for a Ransomware Attack against Enterprise Email and Enterprise Resource Planning.
Use the attached example to create a risk register table. It can use some of the following elements:
•Risk factors
•Threat agents, threats, and vulnerabilities
•Risk scenarios
•Criticality, severity, or priority of risk
•Asset information
•Impact of the risk on an asset
•Likelihood of the threat exploiting the vulnerability
•Current status of risk response actions
•Resources that may be committed to respond to risk
•Risk ownership information
•Planned milestones toward risk response
After you create the risk register table using the elements listed on the attachment, Please fill in the table with three different possible scenarios/events that could occur
For the second annex, USE 137 WORDS TO Create a Ransomware Cyber Threat Incident Response Plan Annex. (This will be a list of bullet point tasks.)
•Identify specific “Ransomware” policies, procedures, technical security controls, executive management roles and responsibilities, decisions, checklists, communications plans (internal, external), legal considerations, external support, engagement requirements, business continuity, and disaster response considerations.
***Please make sure to only use website sources***
***DO NOT USE BOOKS as sources for this assignment***
****This assignment should be writing from Scratch****
****Please do not use examples found on different websites such as Coursehero or any other websites****

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Therefore, I need a totally different writer for appeared first on Skilled Papers.

I just placed an Order #LW92128 Therefore, I need a totally different writer for
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