HR Competency Journal



Review Figure 1.3, Competencies and Behaviors for HR Professionals, in your textbook, and refer to the HR Competencies tutorial.
Throughout the week, identify 3 to 5 examples of the HR competencies-in-action by HR professionals or by others in your everyday life. Journal about each example below. In each entry, complete the following:
• Identify which of the 9 competencies you observed in action
• Describe who was doing what
• Explain how that behavior is an example of the identified competency.
Look for examples of any of the following competencies:
• Relationship management
• Consultation
• Organizational leadership and navigation
• Communications
• Global mindset
• Ethical practice
• Analytical aptitude
• Business acumen
• Diversity, equity, and inclusion
HR Competency Observed Behavior How the behavior demonstrates the competency

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HR Competency Journal
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