Historical Perspective on Ethics


As part of the APUS efforts for innovation in technology, your instructor has created a news feed link that is specific to the subject of business and other
relevant competencies. The title below is a link to separate news articles. Each week you are required to find one news article (from the news feed or library
research) that relates to your personal interests and discuss how that article relates to our weekly material. Tell your instructor what the article was about
and how the article relates to our learning content this week. Be creative with your thoughts on how you link the article to our course material). You should
post the evaluation of the article at the end of your response to the discussion questions each week (Include this section as part of your 250-word response).
The news feeds are updated throughout the day/week to provide you with a real-time learning environment. This technology integration will provide you, as a
learner, the choice to discuss news events that fit your personal background and interests. It will also help you stay educated on current events that might
relate to your related profession or personal interests. Enjoy.
Additional required questions this week:
Use our Library AND our weekly reading material to answer the following:
From your perspective, what are two of the most interesting historical ethical dilemmas that we have faced as a society? How do they relate to our reading
material from weeks #1 and #2?
How did Adam Smith justify the ethics of capitalism? How does capitalism fit in with modern business life and how does it impact ethical dilemmas that you
have seen or heard of in the workplace? Use examples to support your positions.
Instructions: The goal of the discussions is to have a robust, informative, and reflective interaction about course topics. Learning is directly related to effort
put forth toward discussion engagement and participation. In order to encourage active and quality participation that adds value and increases learning, the
grade you earn will be higher as your participation and quality of content increases. Please post at least two substantive replies to classmates or your
instructor for full credit consideration.
You are expected to participate during the current week’s discussion. Contact your instructor in cases of emergency or uncontrollable circumstances.

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Historical Perspective on Ethics
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