Gender and family relations


In Chapters 13 and 14, we were introduced to gender and family relations. For your third reaction, you will analyze a social situation in relation to gender roles
and/or familt relationships. You can choose virtually any social situation for this. It could be, for example, the gym, Greek life, an event, beach, or a
transvestite show. The main point is that you will describe the gender performances and dynamics of the participants, and/or the family dynamics if it is a
family situation. What are men and women doing differnetly in patterend way? What are family members doing and what does it say about their and larger
gender relationships and dynamics?
Describe the social setting you are in (e.g campus gym, Thanksgiving dinner, etc.).
Describe what women and men (if both are present) are doing in the setting and how they are gendered (e.g. tasks. machines, clothing). If you are in a family
setting, describe what the differne family mbers are doing in relation to each other and gender norms.
When you are done with the descriiption, answer the following questions:
Why are the men and women doing what they are doing, i.e. how does it reflect larger cultural roles and ideas about women and men?
If in a family setting, why are the family members doing what they are doing and what does it say about larger cultural roles for familiy members?
Respond to at least two (2) classmates with substantive commentary that addresses their post.
Yout post should be at least 300 words total, not including the questions, and should demonstrate that you visited the museum and engaged withthe piece.

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Gender and family relations
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