Film Analysis- As Good As It Get 1997






Identify the multiple factors of diversity that are part of this character’s life. If the consequences of diversity led to oppression, poverty, alienation, or marginalization, discuss the impact of those challenges on the character. Be sure to offer specific, concrete examples from the film, using dialog from the film when appropriate.

As you watched the movie, what did you learn about the importance of human relationships to your character as that person faced difficult challenges? Discuss the relationships that seemed to be meaningful to your character.

Your goal is to empathize with your character. What are your guesses about how the character is feeling (e.g., angry, sad, scared, glad, troubled, frantic, anxious, etc.)? What situations might have led your character to feel that way? Make every effort to see the situation from the character’s point of view, rather than the way you would perceive the same situation.

Write two paragraphs in the first person as the character in the movie. For example, instead of saying “I think the character felt sad,” write as the character, “I feel angry when I think about my family putting me here.” (Girl, Interrupted.)

Discuss what you learned from this character’s life experiences. Write your thoughts about the aspects of the character that you would find difficult or easy to empathize with. If this character were your client, what would you do to increase your ability to empathize with the person?

What experiences from your life would help you understand this character? What experiences from your life would make it hard for you to empathize with this character?



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Film Analysis- As Good As It Get 1997
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