evaluate the impact of globalization

HI5013 – Managing Across Borders – Tutorial Questions Assignment – T3, 2020 1
Assessment Task – Tutorial Questions Assignment
Unit Code: HI5013
Unit Name:
Managing Across Borders
Assignment: Tutorial Questions Assignment (Individual)
Due: Week 13 – Tuesday 23rd February, 2021
Weighting: 50%
Total Marks: 50 Marks
Word Limit:
2,000 words (Maximum)
This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this
Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. Critically evaluate the impact of globalization, organisations and their management;
2. Utilise different perspectives to interpret and analyse business, social and cultural
problems in an international setting.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, political, economic, technological and
cultural forces that influence decision-making in international business.
4. Synthesise research and practice regarding international business and management
issues and articulate possible solutions to a range of stakeholders.
5. Demonstrate an understanding business practice and research in the context of
globalisation from a management perspective
Each week students were provided with three tutorial questions of varying degrees of
difficulty. The tutorial questions are available in the Tutorial Folder, for each week, on
Blackboard. The Interactive Tutorials are designed to assist students with the process, skills
and knowledge to answer the provided tutorial questions. Your task is to answer a selection
of tutorial questions from weeks 7 to 12 inclusive and submit these answers in a single

HI5013 – Managing Across Borders – Tutorial Questions Assignment – T3, 2020 2
The questions to be answered are:
Question 1 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 7 Tutorial content)
You are the recently appointed expatriate manager of a subsidiary of a large multi-national
enterprise, located in a developing country in Africa. Your first project is to re-negotiate a
contractual agreement with a longstanding local supplier. However, you have been made
aware that the local supplier is in final discussions with a rival company to gain exclusive
access to the same materials, which are essential for your company’s production process
and supply chain. Discuss how you would approach the negotiations with the local supplier.
In your response, you should describe the
five (5) stages of negotiation.
(7 marks. Word limit Maximum 300 words)
Question 2 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 8 Tutorial content)
You are currently employed as a manager in the head office of a Western fast-food chain
multi-national enterprise, which is looking to expand into new markets in developing
countries and take market share away from the competitors. You have recently been
included as a member of a high-level strategic planning committee, which will play a key
role in developing the company’s future strategy and direction. You have been invited to
offer your considered opinions at the next meeting. In the context of strategic planning,
discuss the strategic options you will present at the meeting.
(7 marks. Word limit Maximum 300 words)
Question 3 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 9 Tutorial content)
You are working as a management consultant to a large Australian multi-national enterprise
in the pharmaceutical industry. You have been asked to evaluate the performance of a
cross-border alliance with a European company, which is jointly developing a new
medication for skin cancer treatment. You have been asked to produce a report on the
success of this cross-border alliance. What would be the key factors for determining the
success of this cross-border alliance?
(7 marks. Word limit Maximum 300 words)
HI5013 – Managing Across Borders – Tutorial Questions Assignment – T3, 2020 3
Question 4 (7 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 10 Tutorial content)
At a recent board meeting, the directors expressed their concerns over the company’s
current organisational structure. It was described as “not being fit for purpose”. As an
experienced manager, who has led “change management projects” in the past, you have
been approached to provide your advice. Explain the advice you would provide and, in your
response, discuss the
factors which typically indicate the need for organisational change at
a multi-national enterprise.
(7 marks. Word limit Maximum 300 words)
Question 5 (11 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 11 Tutorial content)
As a newly appointed Human Resources Director of a large multi-national enterprise, you
have been asked to prepare a new human resources management (HRM) policy for the
whole organisation. Some senior managers and other colleagues have criticized the current
human resources and employment policy as “too ethnocentric”. Discuss the possible
alternatives to the “ethnocentric approach” to HRM and state which approach you would
to be adopted in the new global HRM policy.
(11 marks. Word limit Maximum 400 words)
Question 6 (11 marks)
(Note this question is based on the Week 12 Tutorial content)
As the expatriate sales manager of a local subsidiary of a western multi-national enterprise,
located in Southeast Asia, you have just been given some disappointing news. Based on
recent sales revenue results reported by head office, your business unit will be closed and
your team of 32 employees will be disbanded, unless you can demonstrate a 20%
improvement in sales over the next twelve (12) months. As a popular leader and respected
manager of the sales team, you want to prevent the closure of your business unit.
motivation and leadership strategies and techniques are required from you to
prevent the closure of your business unit? In your response, discuss the likely
and the relevant motivational theories you will need to consider.
(11 marks. Word limit Maximum 400 words)
HI5013 – Managing Across Borders – Tutorial Questions Assignment – T3, 2020 4
Submission Directions:
The assignment will be submitted via Blackboard. Each student will be permitted only ONE
submission to Blackboard. You need to ensure that the document submitted is the correct
Academic Integrity
Holmes Institute is committed to ensuring and upholding Academic Integrity, as Academic
Integrity is integral to maintaining academic quality and the reputation of Holmes’ graduates.
Accordingly, all assessment tasks need to comply with academic integrity guidelines. Table 1
identifies the six categories of Academic Integrity breaches. If you have any questions about
Academic Integrity issues related to your assessment tasks, please consult your lecturer or
tutor for relevant referencing guidelines and support resources. Many of these resources can
also be found through the Study Skills link on Blackboard.
Academic Integrity breaches are a serious offence punishable by penalties that may range
from deduction of marks,
failure of the assessment task or unit involved, suspension of
course enrolment, or cancellation of course enrolment
Table 1: Six Categories of Academic Integrity Breaches

Reproducing the work of someone else without attribution. When
a student submits their own work on multiple occasions this is
known as

Working with one or more other individuals to complete an
assignment, in a way that is not authorised.

Reproducing and submitting the work of another student, with or
without their knowledge. If a student fails to take reasonable
precautions to prevent their own original work from being copied,
this may also be considered an offence.

Falsely presenting oneself, or engaging someone else to present as
oneself, in an in-person examination.

Contract cheating
Contracting a third party to complete an assessment task,
generally in exchange for money or other manner of payment.

Data fabrication and

Manipulating or inventing data with the intent of supporting false
conclusions, including manipulating images.

Source: INQAAHE, 2020
HI5013 – Managing Across Borders – Tutorial Questions Assignment – T3, 2020 5
If any words or ideas used the assignment submission do not represent your original words
or ideas, you must cite all relevant sources and make clear the extent to which such sources
were used.
In addition, written assignments that are similar or identical to those of another student is
also a violation of the Holmes Institute’s Academic Conduct and Integrity policy. The
consequence for a violation of this policy can incur a range of penalties varying from a 50%
penalty through suspension of enrolment. The penalty would be dependent on the extent
of academic misconduct and your history of academic misconduct issues. All assessments
will be automatically submitted to Safe – Assign to assess their originality. For further
information about academic integrity and additional learning resources please refer to your
Discussion Board for the unit.

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evaluate the impact of globalization
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