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11183Review the case study for this week.
Start by familiarizing yourself with the disorders from the DSM-5-TR found in the Learning Resources this Week.
Look within the noted sections for symptoms, behaviors, or other features the client presents within the case study.
If some of the symptoms in the case study cause you to suspect an additional disorder, then research any of the previous disorders covered so far in the course.
This mirrors real social work practice where you follow the symptoms.
Review the correct format for how to write the diagnosis noted below. Be sure to use this format.
Submit your diagnosis for the client in the case. Follow the guidelines below.

The diagnosis should appear on one line in the following order.
Note: Do not include the plus sign in your diagnosis. Instead, write the indicated items next to each other.
Code + Name + Specifier (appears on its own first line)
Z code (appears on its own line next with its name written next to the code)

Then, in 1–2 pages, respond to the following:
Explain how you support the diagnosis by specifically identifying the criteria from the case study.
Describe in detail how the client’s symptoms match up with the specific diagnostic criteria for the disorder (or all the disorders) that you finally selected for the client. You do not need to repeat the diagnostic code in the explanation.
Identify the differential diagnosis you considered.
Explain why you excluded this diagnosis.
Explain the specific factors of culture that are or may be relevant to the case and the diagnosis, which may include the cultural concepts of distress.
Explain why you chose the Z codes you have for this client.
Remember: When using Z codes, stay focused on the psychosocial and environmental impact on the client within the last 12 months.

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