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Chapter 8-Gender Discrimination

KN Simon

Objectives for Chapter 8:

Understand and identify the background of gender discrimination and the different ways that it is manifested in the workplace.

Understand how to analyze situations and determine if there are any gender issues that exist in the workplace.

Define fetal protection policies, and how it relates to gender based discrimination and other issues in the workplace.

Understand the difference between legal and illegal grooming policies.

Distinguish between equal pay and comparable worth and how legislation can address these gender based issues.

Assignments for Chapter 8:

Assignment #1-Read Chapter 8 carefully and completely.

Assignment #2-On page 459, of your text, look at the case of Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins. Use the rubric to answer the questions on page 460 at the end of the case regarding Price Waterhouse’s fatal flaws, whether they showed good business sense, and how PW could avoid this type of problem in the future.

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