Basic Breakdown

Basic Breakdown

– Full Instructions attached
– Please use the three attached sources in addition to 4 others. (I have highlighted the relevant texts, if it is not highlighted the entire text is relevant)

The essay should be based on a film or a life narrative that we have not discussed in class and has autobiographical or testimonial content: ie. it should represent, or talk about the life of a particular person or should be focusing on topics we have been exploring in class.

A life narrative that has problems in terms of traveling to, writing about or researching other cultures is:
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert or the movie with the same title. You can pick either a chapter of this book or the film itself to write about.

1. Length: 6-7 pages.
a. The essay should have a concrete title that specifies the thematics of your main argument.
b. In its introduction the essay should give a clear summary of the plot of the film or narrative that youre going to discuss.
c. The essay should have a clear introduction (that includes your main thesis), the main analysis of your chosen film, and a conclusion summarizing your basic argument.
d. Use pagination in your essay.

2. Secondary theoretical sources: You should use minimum 7 different theoretical sources to support your thesis or argument. Three of these references must be theoretical texts we have already used in class but four of these references have to
come from research you have done on your own.
Please cite your bibliography at the end of the essay.
Any theoretical article used must be relevant to your points. When you use theory please use or quote from the original article I must see some actual quotes from the article that you are using that are well connected to your arguments.

Please list all your bibliography at the end of the paper.


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Basic Breakdown
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