As seen below i have written the first few paragraphs but was unable to finish t

As seen below i have written the first few paragraphs but was unable to finish the assessment. Please complete
the remaining paragraphs and feel free to edit or rewrite the first few paragraphs if necessary.
I have also attached a powerpoint to help write the essay. Please follow the guidelines and use peer-reviewed
resources within a five year publication. Thank you
Evidence-based medicine is critical to nursing as it enables nurses to optimize health care outcomes, improve patient-centred care and lower costs through evaluating treatments, practices, and results using reliable clinical evidence. This report will address the impediments and drivers towards attaining evidence-based compliance, along with detailing two key strategies to effectively reduce non-compliance with policies or clinical practice guidelines. Lastly, three recommendations for preserving policy or clinical practise guidelines adherence beyond the original implementation period will be discussed.
Barriers and facilitators to EBP:
For nurses numerous impediments hinder the implementation of evidence-based practise (EBP). A frequently found barrier of EBP is the lack of education on how to find, utilise and implement research into clinical practice as skills and knowledge. According to Dagne & Beshah (2021) the primary foundation of EBP is the utilisation of quality, valid, currently accessible, and relevant research findings, expert opinion, standard guidelines, and literature in medical decision-making practices. Therefore, without instruction and understanding on how to find and use these resources, nurses are inhibited from implementing EBP.
Furthermore, time limitations in certain nursing positions and hospital wards such as the cause additional restriction in implementing EBP. A clinical study by Dagne & Beshah (2021) with five focused group discussions (FGD’s) found insufficient time to be a key preventive force in utilising EBP for nursing practise. An emergency nurse from one of the FGD’s stated, “We do not use evidence because of the workload,” “We are too busy.” Moreover, adherence with EBP standards creates additional obligations for nurses to make evidence based clinical decisions in short time frames. Due to conflicting responsibilities, workers are overburdened with too many responsibilities and therefore unable to prioritise adherence to EBP guidelines. Ultimately, these two factors significantly hinder the use of EBP in clinical settings.
Dagne, A. H., & Beshah, M. H. (2021). Implementation of evidence-based practice: The experience of nurses and midwives. PLOS ONE, 16(8), e0256600.
Geerligs, L., Rankin, N. M., Shepherd, H. L., & Butow, P. (2018). Hospital-based interventions: a systematic review of staff-reported barriers and facilitators to implementation processes. Implementation Science, 13(1).

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As seen below i have written the first few paragraphs but was unable to finish t
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