Arts And Ideas


You are required to view a contemporary, original piece of art in your area and compare/contrast it to an ancient work from your text, after analyzing both pieces. For example, if you choose a portrait of a leader, find one in your text; if you choose a building, like a church, find one in your text to compare.
Your paper should address the following:
Identification: Provide Identifying details for each work (10 points = 5 points for each work):
Artist: Who was the artist?
Title of the work: What is the title of the work?
Date: When was the work created?
Media: How/with what was the work created?
Location: Where is the work from your area displayed? For the work from your text, please also include the page number.
Description: What does each work look like? (100 points = 50 points for each work):
Describe the subject matter of each work, in detail. Imagine you are describing the work to a blind person; use that level of detail. For example, don’t just say there’s a house in a field.
Identify and discuss five formal elements of art (Choose from line, shape, color, texture, space, contrast, scale, balance, and emphasis) in detail, for each work. For instance, don’t just tell me there were lines in the work, tell me what kind (straight, curved, horizontal, diagonal, thick, thin, implied, etc.) and tell me how they affect the composition (lines dominate the left half of the work, etc.).
Compare and Contrast the two (2) works (70 points):
Compare and contrast the works (Do not compare the terms from part 2), and answer these questions in your analysis: How are the works similar and how are they different? Is the message or function the same? Is the intended audience different? Do they look alike or not? Has the meaning changed over time?
Also discuss such things as symbolism and purpose (aesthetic, social commentary, propaganda, etc.) and evaluate the effectiveness of the works.


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Arts And Ideas
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