Applied Psychology in Talent Management.




Read the article Strategic Workforce Planning—A Vital Business Activity.
This article outlines key steps involved in strategic workforce planning.
Complete the Big 5 Test Links to an external site..
This webpage provides the Big 5 personality test in an interactive manner. Note: The Big 5 personality traits are the most thoroughly researched personality taxonomy (Cascio & Aguinis, 2019). Take a screenshot or print the results for reflection on this discussion and your personal use. You will not submit these results.
After you have completed the Big 5 personality traits test, compare your results with the resource of the Big Five Inventory (BFI) Links to an external site.. This resource provides information about the Big Five personality dimensions and factors.

Finally, for your initial post address the following:

In your judgement, was the survey accurate and why?
Discuss each of your personality dimensions.
What careers did you find based on the Big Five personality dimensions?
Were the suggested careers an accurate reflection of your personality? Why or why not?
How might an employer use the questionnaire to hire the right people?

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Applied Psychology in Talent Management.
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