Simulate Soil Consolidation

Simulate Soil Consolidation
Simulate Soil Consolidation
Due date 11:59PM Friday 28 May April 2021 (local
Sydney time)
You are tasked to write the parts needed for the simulation of soil consolidation.
Changes to description
This document is being updated:
Students should refer to the Ed website for any clari�cations, or changes to being made to the
assignment description.
A brief list of changes is documented here.
9 May 2021
CLAY_COMPRESSIBILITY_RATE is 0.001. It is a constant de�ning water units moved per 1kN per
hour (no longer 100kN)
A message to all students about Academic Integrity
This is an assignment and sta� are not permitted to give speci�c guidance on your code, or how to
solve the speci�c problem. That is the purpose of the assessment that you are required to perform to
achieve the grade.
You may ask clari�cation questions

Reference no: EM132069492


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