2- Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Title: Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management:
Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs in the logistics sector
Font: Times New Roman, 12pt
Line spacing: 1.5, headers
Margins: 2.5 cm left/ right/ at the top, 2 cm at the bottom
Pagination: Arabic numerals; page numbering starts on the first text page (not table of contents headlines, figures, tables, formulas and footnotes)
New paragraphs: indicate with line break
Numbers in running text: Numbers 1 – 12are spelled out except in enumerations
(e.g. page 2) or in referring to items in a list. You use digits when they modify a unit of measurement, e.g. 20 grams vs. twenty students. All numbers that begin a sentence must be spelled out.
Formulas: type them in their own rows, separate them with breaks and number
them, e.g. (1), (2), etc
– ALWAYS cite the scientific source of your statement, either analogously or literally
– Short citation in the fluent text: the surname of the author, the year of the publication and the exact page(s)
E.g. (Schoon, 2016, p. 9), (Tabash & Dhankar, 2014, p. 54)
Analogous reproduction, examples:
1. Author (2009) claimed/argued/showed/reported/noted that… (pp. 10-15).
2. According to Author (2009), vegetables are healthier than meat (p. 10).
3. Research by Author and Bauthor (2009a) supports/illustrates…
4. Or just the statement/finding/conceptual model described etc. and then after the sentence/abstract (Author, 2009, pp. 10-13)
Literally: “Statement …“ (Author, 2009, pp. 10-13). always in “asdf”!!!
Moreover, the quality of the scientific work is important as this is a basis for the quality of the work

No regional specifications are necessary. However, if you could include more sources and examples from Germany, that would be great.

The list of sources in the proposal is not final and can be adjusted according to the structure of the thesis. Some sources might be disregarded and others could be added. An extra plus if you could include a handful of sources from German researchers.

A list of proposed sources will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.

The thesis should start with an Introduction chapter (about 1.5-2 pages) that introduces the research problem, research objectives, research questions and gives a brief overview of the current state of research and methodology. The other chapters of the thesis can be named according to the content they represent, demonstrating a logical line of argumentation and analysis based on revision and discussion of existing literature on the topic. The conclusion should sum up the discussion results of the previous chapters, give an outlook or perspectives for the overall topic and name a few remaining questions or challenges, that could be addressed by future research.

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2- Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management
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